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Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

The areas of mediation we offer are:

Workplace Disputes

Using mediation will avoid grievances, tribunals and hours of unproductive time spent trying to work around an issue. It should also reduce the amount of time lost to sickness.

An external Mediation service can be truly independent. It can provide mediators who are very experienced and it will save the organisation the ongoing cost of training staff. Read More  

Education Disagreement Resolution Services

We work with schools universities colleges and trusts and to provide services for them to deal with a variety of complaints from parents and students, and disputes between colleagues. Mediation can deal with such issues quickly and also contribute to developing a culture where conflicts are handled more successfully in general. Read More  

Civil & Community Mediation

Mediation is widely used to solve conflict between individuals. Disputes between neighbours over noise, boundaries, and the use of shared spaces are common and can be quickly resolved by our skilful mediators. It is also used when there are disputes over jointly owned property with parties who are unmarried. We take the time to listen to both parties’ perspective before we set up a joint meeting. We accept referrals from individuals and third parties such as Housing Associations. Read More  


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