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Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

If you are experiencing disputes and conflict with neighbours, ex-partners or extended family members, mediation could be the very best step for you to move forward.

Very simple to set up, mediation can help you reach a resolution far more quickly than a long legal battle or formal complaint process. It is also likely to cost far less for you to get to a successful resolution.

Mediation has been proven to work especially well in the following situations:

How does it work?

From the moment we receive an enquiry we will seek to understand where you are in the course of your dispute. We can work with you at any point. We will liaise with the other party and manage all that is required to set up the mediation meeting.

We always meet with each party individually first as it is crucial the mediator has a clear understanding of each of your concerns and interests.

It is then ideal- as long as both parties are willing- to convene a joint meeting. This is managed very carefully and it is very structured. It is used to explore options and arrive at a resolution. The mediator will not take sides and will not press anyone into agreeing to an outcome. This element is crucial: the outcome is decided by the parties.

Most of these mediations are managed on a single day, although sometimes the process is divided up over two separate days.

If it is a situation that needs a legally binding agreement, this can be done by lawyers after the mediation- and sometimes lawyers attend the mediation if appropriate.

Why choose Albion Resolutions?

Our Mediators are trained to the highest standards and are specialists in this field.
Unlike other organisations, Albion Resolutions focusses solely on delivering mediation. It has our full professional attention and we are committed to delivering the very highest standards of professionalism and client care.


"It's always a privilege to work with Emma. She is always quick to identify and isolate issues and she is uses her mediation skills to break down the barriers and make progress through the most seemingly complex disputes."

Lisa Price, Director of Disability Services, Capita Plc.

"I felt I was able to say what I needed to in the safe environment that you created. It is an amazing skill to be able to create that so that people can allow themselves to be in emotionally vulnerable and open during some parts of the mediation."


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