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Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

As trained Mediators we offer a range of services to the education sector which can work very effectively and save you time and money. Parents, Managers, teaching and support staff can benefit, but most importantly so will the pupils and the students.

Conflict resolution and Mediation can be used very effectively in a whole range of school, college and university - related disputes.

We offer specialist mediation to schools, colleges and universities for a variety of situations including:

How does it work?

Some imagine mediation as a standard meeting or general conversation. This is certainly not the case.

Mediation is a very structured process which helps parties move forward. The Mediator takes both parties through a carefully planned dialogue, and most importantly we start working with you from the outset. We will explain the process fully to all parties before any commitment is made by either you or the other party.

The structure of the mediation process can be adapted to suit each case. Some mediations are half a day, some take a whole day, some are arranged over 2 days. Essentially we always meet those involved individually. At the end of this meeting parties make a decision whether to go forward with a joint meeting.

These meetings are designed to help the parties reach a joint understanding of the issues and to look at a range of options for resolution. Sometimes breaks and further separate meetings are required. No one is pressed into any outcome by the Mediator or by the other party, and this understanding is vital.

Mediation is much less pressurised, far quicker and much more cost effective than attending an internal school college or university panel, or a court or tribunal hearing. Choosing Albion Resolutions could mean that a case which might otherwise last for months or even years, can be resolved in a couple of weeks.

Why Albion Resolutions?

We are truly independent and impartial, and for most of our clients this is key. We have no connection with the organisation, its culture, existing loyalties or internal politics. Clients see this as a real benefit as internal influences can affect the successful resolution of a dispute.

We have a wealth of experience which makes us a great fit with education organisations. Our mediators have a background of working in the education sector which means we have insight and knowledge of many of the issues. We also have specialist Accredited Mediator Training – and experience mediating with employers, employees, community members and families. Mediation is what we do; It has all our professional attention, and we are committed to delivering the very highest standards of professionalism and client care.

When Albion are chosen to mediate we uniquely take on all the admin of the case from start to finish thus releasing the busy school, college or university staff from the initial set up phase.

How much does it cost?

Our rates are competitive. We will give you a specific quote when we have heard about your situation.

Part days are available and in some instances rates are negotiable depending on the case and the status of the organisation.


"I was really impressed by the way you managed a very difficult meeting."

CEO Multi Academy Trust.

"Jane and Albion delivered a fast and efficient service for us when we really needed it. She was able to talk to our employees who were not speaking to each other and get them to eventually come to a joint meeting. We don’t know how she managed it - it’s all confidential! - but we now have an effective team working again."

Simon Foster Managing Director, The Education & Training Partnership.

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