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Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Providing Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Conflict and disputes in the workplace can claim a huge amount of resources- your time and your money, especially if you end up incurring legal costs. These can mount up to thousands of pounds.
A managed Mediation from our expert mediators offers you a far better solution.

We work with scenarios such as:

We help you avoid having to deal with

How does it work?

Workplace Mediation is a very structured process which helps parties move forward. It is not just another meeting or general conversation. We will explain the process fully to all involved without anyone having to have agreed to go forward. We will do all the setting up arrangements required leading up to the meeting.

Stage 1: Individual meetings.

This is a dedicated meeting with each participant. Neither has to have fully committed to the whole process, but they can use this time to explore all their options and talk through the situation with someone truly independent. After these meetings have taken place, If everyone is willing to move forward an Agreement to Mediate is signed.

Stage 2: A Joint Meeting

This meeting can follow on from individual meetings or be on a separate day. The Mediator takes both parties through a carefully planned dialogue which is designed to help them reach a joint understanding of the issues and to look at a range of options for resolution. No one is pressed into any outcome by the Mediator or by the other party; this understanding is vital. The outcome is decided by the participants- and as it’s an informal process, they choose what if anything is documented.

Why Albion Resolutions?

We are truly independent and impartial and this is very important. We have no connection with the organisational culture – this is sometimes an issue with internal mediation services.

We have specialist Workplace Mediator Training- as well as a wealth of mediation experience from other areas. This is not universal across all mediation services. Workplace Mediation is a very different model to that of Civil & Commercial Mediation.

Mediation is what we do, which means we are experienced and practised. We do not mix it up with other roles. It has all our professional attention.

How much does it cost?

We offer competitive rates and we will give you a specific quote when we have discussed your situation.
Part days are available.
Rates are negotiable depending on the case and the status of the organisation.


"Jane always provides an excellent service. She will listen to all involved and work out the best approach to take, and she does not shy away from offering mediation with some very high conflict situations. It’s efficient, it’s discrete, it’s really good value for money."

Judith Richardson, Director of Operations, FEA.

"It's always a privilege to work with Emma. She is always quick to identify and isolate issues and she is uses her mediation skills to break down the barriers and make progress through the most seemingly complex disputes."

Lisa Price, Director of Disability Services, Capita Plc.

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