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Mediation is a process where a neutral mediator helps disputing parties communicate and reach a voluntary agreement in order to resolve conflicts outside of court. Speak to Albion Mediation Scotland.

Areas of Mediation

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process in which a trained mediator assists family members in resolving conflicts from a differing point of view and reaching agreements on various issues such as divorce, separation, child access and visitation schedules.

Child Inclusive

Child-inclusive mediation aims to ensure that children’s voices are heard and considered in the mediation process, promoting outcomes that prioritise their well-being and best interests.  

Online Mediation

Online mediation, also known as virtual or remote mediation, is a process where mediation sessions are conducted entirely over the internet using video conferencing technology or other online communication platforms.  Online mediation offers flexibility, and can be an effective alternative to in-person mediation, especially in situations where physical presence is challenging or impractical.

Child Access

Child access mediation, process designed to help parents resolve disputes related to the care, custody, and visitation arrangements for their children. Albion Mediation work between parents, assisting them in developing a parenting plan that outlines the schedule and logistics for the children’s time spent with each parent. The mediator focuses on the best interests of the children and helps parents communicate effectively,

What does a Mediator Do?

A mediator guides communication and negotiation between parties during difficult times and maintains neutrality to helps you reach a voluntary agreement that addresses interests and fosters constructive relationships.

How Long Does it Take?

The duration of mediation can usually span one to three hours per session, with potentially multiple sessions conducted over days or weeks, depending on the complexity of issues and each parties’ co-operation.

How Can Mediation Help ?

Mediation fosters problem-solving to disputes allowing you to build personalised solutions, improve communication, and handle the emotional and financial toll of conflict.

Why Choose Mediation?

Welcome to Albion Mediation Scotland, your trusted Scottish mediation service offering voluntary, low cost solutions for a range of conflicts and disputes. Specialising in family mediation services, our local mediation service in Edinburgh and Glasgow provides a confidential platform for families undergoing domestic disagreement, family restructuring, or other family changes. Your experienced accredited family mediator prioritise the well-being of young people and facilitate decision-making processes in a supportive environment. 

At Albion Mediation Scotland, we understand the importance of confidentiality and aim to minimise disruption by offering online mediation across Scotland. Albion Mediation offers family support services and will guide you through challenging times with professionalism and care. Choosing mediation through Albion Mediation offers a collaborative and efficient approach to resolving disputes, facilitated by experienced mediators, fostering communication, understanding, and voluntary agreements in Scotland.s

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Issues like child custody, visitation arrangements, and financial matters such as asset division, including property, shares, and pensions, need to be addressed during this challenging time. Speak to our team today, click the button below to send an email enquiry and begin your mediation journey.