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albion mediation - Child Mediation in Scotland

Child access mediation with Albion Mediation Scotland is constructive option for separated parents to to agree on child arrangements .

What Is Child Mediation And How Does It Work In Scotland?

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Our team of professionally trained Family Mediators has decades of family mediation experience in Scotland, assisting you in obtaining a resolution that is the best solution for the children. Mediation help families navigate child law issues and domestic abuse concerns.

During mediation for children and family issues, we often discuss the following Albion Mediation oversees the mediation process, prioritising the needs of young people during difficult times.

  • Dwelling – where the Children will live.
  • How parental care will be shared.
  • Plans for school holidays and major celebrations such as Christmas.
  • Effective communication method for parents.
  • How both parents can provide the best possible financial and emotional support for their children.

Child Contact and Mediation

Family mediation enables parents or caregivers in focusing on their children’s future needs, enabling them to make sound judgments that are realistic. Mediators will not take sides and are a neutral party across the whole process.

Both parents usually meet together with the mediator in an online meeting to identify issues that need to be discussed and resolved, to explore available choices, to share individual and collective concerns, and to examine ways to move ahead in a mutually agreed manner on the issues in hand. This fosters positive relationships and healthy dynamics.

Where appropriate, we will also discuss with you and the children the possibility of communicating with them in child inclusive mediation if it is needed. Family mediation enables you as parents to retain control over the choices affecting your children, without the need for them to be resolved through court. Find out more by visiting My.Gov Scotland

We recognise that a joint meeting is not always the best solution for everyone looking to mediate and we can suggest other arrangements based on your circumstances and the mediator’s assessment of what would work best in your situation. Through mediation, families can reach mutually acceptable solutions.

Is it better to communicate face to face or online?

While face-to-face mediation was once the most common way to mediate and discuss child access issues, over the recent years, the majority of our mediation appointments are now conducted online, often via Zoom, through WhatsApp and Facetime, where the necessity arises, there are still some choices for face-to-face mediation however. Mediation is available during Monday – Friday and in addition we are able to offer evening and weekend sessions should you need them.

All you need for online mediation is a computer, tablet, or smartphone equipped with a camera, a stable Internet connection, and a private meeting space. We will set up the meeting time and give you the link to join. In some cases, we can provide shuttle mediation if you are not comfortable seeing your ex partner in a joint session. Our trained mediators ensure confidentiality during sessions. Mediation helps families cope with disruptions and navigate family restructuring.

We also offer face to face child inclusive mediation to some areas of Scotland. This process is confidential, focusing on family members disagreements and restructuring. Please email our enquiries team TODAY to find out more.