financial mediation

Money is one of the main themes handled during mediation. Divorcing spouses commonly use mediation to reach a financial agreement prior to getting the divorce decision. Your lawyer would have advised you to attend mediation. Mediation results in a resolution or a mediation certificate that may be used to submit a court application.

Mediation is a great way to talk about money and plans. Many participants find that mediation helps them reach an agreement on how finances will be handled after their divorce. One of the most often asked questions in financial mediation is what cash and assets are covered and what is necessary. While your mediator will address this during your first meeting, it is helpful to be informed prior to your appointment. During the financial mediation process, both parties must fully disclose their financial matters.

Financial Dispute Mediation

The Family Mediation Council has approved our team of professionally trained and experienced Lawyer Mediators. We are capable and willing to assist parties in obtaining an amicable financial settlement following the dissolution of a marriage, civil partnership, or other relationship. Financial Settlement Mediation may be used to resolve all issues relating to property ownership, occupancy debt, and obligation and financial resource sharing.

We understand that the end of a relationship is a painful and upsetting moment for everyone involved, and as such, you will get experienced unbiased help from our qualified Mediators as you choose what financial arrangements would work best for you both in the future.

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What is Financial Dispute Resolution?

Financial Dispute Mediation is a subset of Family Mediation that enables divorced or separating families to achieve an agreement on their finances and property.

Throughout the Mediation process, our skilled Mediators will discuss the parties’ financial status with them, urging them to consider what they want for the future and how they may accomplish it.

Why should I mediate?

Financial Settlement Mediation’s objective is to help both parties in resolving any outstanding difficulties in a constructive and pleasant manner.

There are several advantages to utilising the Mediation process, including the following:

  • Our mediators are unbiased.
  • Our mediators’ role is to offer parties with information that will help them weigh their alternatives.
  • Mediators who can assist your family in creating mutually beneficial agreements
  • It may be FREE.
  • It provides a secure setting in which all alternatives and their implications may be explored.
  • It enables parties to make informed choices and ensures that such choices are “factually sound.”
  • Appointments are scheduled at mutually agreeable times.
  • It may save parties money on lawsuit costs.
  • The procedure is more casual than that of the Court.
  • Mediation is a confidential and private procedure.
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How does it function?

Financial Settlement Mediation may be customised to meet your unique goals, preferences, and availability. A mediation session can take place in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Face-to-face sessions: Face-to-face meetings take place in the same Mediation room as the parties and are facilitated by a certified Mediator. In this case, the Mediator’s responsibility is to oversee your process impartially and to assist you in reaching an agreement that is acceptable to everyone.
  • Shuttle Meetings: We recognise that some parties are willing to participate in mediation but would prefer to do it separately. Individual parties will have their own distinct and private area during Shuttle Meetings. In this instance, the Mediator will circulate between the rooms, informing each side about the other’s position and ideas.
  • Remote Meetings: There are times when being in the same area at the same time is impossible, particularly owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, conducting remote Mediation sessions has enabled us to continue serving individuals in need. Remote mediation sessions may be acceptable in some circumstances and may be given to parties through Zoom, Skype, and¬†WhatsApp video calling. Remote Mediation can be conducted using ‘face to face’ or’shuttle’ communication.

How we can assist

Our seasoned mediators are capable of providing objective assistance during what may be a trying and painful period.

The degree of assistance you require from us is totally up to you. Our staff members have all assisted people at trying moments in their life and are devoted to providing you with a professional and discreet service.