Why Albion Mediation

Albion Mediation Family Mediators offer confidential and impartial mediation in Scotland.

Why Albion Mediation?

Welcome to Albion Mediation, your trusted mediation service in Scotland. Our experienced mediators are here to help you resolve disputes efficiently and affordably. We focus on open communication and understanding to find solutions that work for everyone involved. Whether you need legal advice, family support, or help with misunderstandings, Albion Mediation is here for you. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.


Online Mediation has been at the forefront of family mediation for many years. Albion Mediation assists parties in reaching an agreement to family disputes either surrounding divorce or child access.

Online mediation is a great solution to mediation:

  • You can attend from anywhere online.
  • We provide fast appointments for people looking to reach a resolution quickly
  • We can offer sessions at evenings or weekends
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Online mediation or virtual mediation, offers a flexible and accessible alternative to in-person dispute resolution processes. Using video conferencing platforms on your phone or laptop. 

Our mediators goal is to assist discussions between parties regardless of your geographic locations. Online mediation not only eliminates the need for physical proximity but also provides a safe and neutral environment to open communication and problem-solving.

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  • The process begins with one or both parties reaching out Albion Mediation.
  • The mediator conducts an initial assessment to determine the suitability of mediation for the dispute and explains the process to the parties.
  • Before the mediation session, each party may be asked to provide relevant documents or information related to the dispute.
  • The mediator works with the parties to schedule a convenient time for the mediation session, depending on the complexity of the dispute, multiple sessions may be scheduled.
  • The mediation session is conducted using online communication platforms such as Zoom or Facetime.
  • The mediator begins by outlining the ground rules and explaining the process to the parties, each party is given an opportunity to present their perspective on the dispute, uninterrupted.
  • The mediator helps couples with constructive dialogue, helping the them identify common goals, explore potential solutions, and address underlying concerns.
  • Through active listening and reframing, the your mediator assists the parties in generating creative options for resolution.
  • The parties work towards reaching a mutually acceptable agreement, with the mediator guiding the process and facilitating negotiations as needed.
  • If the parties reach a resolution, the mediator assists them in drafting a written agreement that captures the terms of their settlement.
  • The agreement may include details such as the agreed-upon solution, timelines for implementation, and any additional terms or conditions. Once the agreement is drafted, it is reviewed and signed by both parties.
  • The mediator may provide guidance on the execution of the agreement and any further steps required to implement the resolution.
  • After the mediation process concludes, the mediator may follow up with the parties to ensure compliance with the terms of the agreement.
  • The mediator may also offer post-mediation support or additional resources to help the parties maintain a positive relationship moving forward.
  • Once the agreement is implemented and any outstanding issues are resolved, the mediation process is considered complete, and the parties can move forward with confidence in their resolution.
what do I need to Mediate Online

Online mediation offers greater flexibility in accommodating diverse needs and preferences. With the ability to schedule sessions at convenient times and customize communication channels to suit individual preferences, participants are empowered to actively engage in the resolution process on their own terms. This inclusivity fosters a sense of empowerment and ownership, enhancing the likelihood of reaching mutually satisfactory outcomes.

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What should my first step be?

If you or your ex partner decide you want to participate in mediation, the first step is to speak to the Albion Mediation team today. 

After you’ve first spoken with the team, we’ll determine which mediation will be necessary. This covers the sessions needed as well as any preparations you should make prior to your first mediation appointment.. After that, we’ll get in touch with you to set up a shared online appointment or potentially shuttle mediation if necessary.. We then agree your mediation session and will provide you with your zoom link and date and time of the mediation session.