Our Story

We are committed to Family Mediation and work to provide impartial family mediation to families in order to assist them in resolving conflicts involving their children.

We think that by empowering and helping families to better their lives via the provision of an inclusive, inexpensive resolution service, we can empower individuals to take ownership and control of their own challenges or disagreements.

Albion Mediation Scotland specialises in assisting you in making future plans.

Following separation or divorce, you must agree on child custody arrangements, including how much time your children will spend with each of you, where they will reside, child support, and property and financial settlements. We have substantial expertise and experience with more complicated family law matters, as well as training in assisting families affected by Parental Alienation.

We believe that when given the proper assistance and chance, the majority of individuals can find their own answers to their challenges and difficulties. By assisting you in developing understanding and resolving conflict, you will strengthen and empower yourself, which will have a beneficial effect on your children’s future.

Why should you select us?

Albion Mediation Scotland is committed to providing a truly personalised service. We recognise that no two couples will be in the exact same situation or face the exact same challenges. We understand that you will both be going through a trying and stressful period, and we will work with you to find the best solution for you in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.

As mediators who are also certified attorneys, we are in a unique position to provide you not only the best mediation service, but also our expertise in the legal aspects of separation. Albion Mediation is entirely focused on the consumer. Once you’ve decided to proceed, we offer a prompt initial appointment and a professional service. While our headquarters are in Scotland, we can also accommodate you for after-hours and weekend appointments in a location convenient to your home. 

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