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Albion family Mediation - about us

Our mediators helps you communicate with conflicts outside of court. Speak to Albion Mediation Scotland

Albion Mediation - Our Mediators

Albion Mediation works to provide impartial family mediation to people in order to assist them in resolving conflicts.

We hope that by empowering and helping people with a non-combative resolution, we can empower take ownership and control of challenges or disagreements.

Albion Mediation Scotland specialises in assisting you in making future plans following separation or divorce, if you are unable to agree on child arrangements, including how much time your children will spend with each of you, where they will reside, child support, and property and financial settlements. We have substantial expertise and experience with more complicated matters, as well as training in child inclusive mediation. If you wish to make your agreement legally binding, you will need to ask a solicitor to draw up a separation agreement.

 From the first assessment meeting to mediation sessions, discover how trained family mediators guide discussions between family members to reach mutually acceptable solutions. We believe that when given the proper assistance and chance, the majority of individuals can find their own answers to their challenges and difficulties. By assisting you in developing understanding and resolving conflict with mediation, you will have the opportunity to empower yourself in your difficult situation, which will have a beneficial effect on your future.

Why Choose Albion Mediation?

Seeking mediation information? Learn how mediation can provide a safe and confidential space to address family disputes, including issues like domestic abuse and financial matters.

Albion Mediation Scotland is committed to providing a truly personalised service. We recognise that no two situations will be in the exact and that everyone faces different challenges. 

We understand that you will both be going through a trying and stressful period, and we will work with you through the mediation process to find the best solution for you in the shortest amount of time with reduced stress and worry.

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book Your Family Mediation

Looking for your first appointment? Want to know more about the cost of mediation? Book an introductory meeting to discuss your situation with Albion Mediation and explore whether mediation is a good option for you. If you need flexibility in the time of your session, our mediators often offer appointments from Monday to Friday and can also accommodate evenings and weekends?