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Mediation does not impose decisions but helps you understand each others perspectives and interests, encouraging you to work together to find a resolution. Mediation is often used in family and civil disputes.

Types of Family Mediation

Family mediation is generally carried out with one mediator and both clients can take part online or face to face.

Shuttle mediation is when the mediator talks separately with each person involved in the conflict. They help each side to share their thoughts and find ways to agree, especially if talking together directly is hard. 

Child-inclusive mediation involves talking with children separately to understand their feelings about family issues. The mediator helps parents consider their children’s needs when making decisions about custody and visitation. It aims to prioritise children’s well-being in family arrangements.

Grandparent mediation helps grandparents and their family talk through problems about seeing their grandchildren. A neutral mediator helps everyone find solutions that work for everyone.


The Steps of Mediation

Introduction and Ground Rules

The mediator sets the ground rules for the mediation session. This includes explaining the process, ensuring confidentiality, and establishing respectful communication guidelines.

Discussion and Issue Identification

The parties have the opportunity to share their perspectives on the dispute and identify the key issues that need to be addressed. The mediator facilitates this discussion, ensuring that each party has a chance to be heard.

Solution and Options

The parties work together and explore potential solutions to the identified issues. The mediator helps facilitate this process, encouraging creativity and assisting in finding common ground.

Agreement and Resolution

If the parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement, the mediator helps them formalize the agreement which is reviewed and signed by both parties.

Why Albion Mediation?

Welcome to Albion Mediation, your go-to mediation service in Scotland. Our experienced family mediators offer a confidential and impartial process, prioritising open communication and understanding to resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively. From intake to the mediation process itself, we provide expert guidance on family law matters while promoting co-operation and voluntary solutions. Whether you’re seeking legal advice, family support services, or simply looking to address misunderstandings, Albion Mediation is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today for more information.