All issues mediation

All issues mediation denotes a Family Mediation when all issues in contention related to the legal, financial elements of separation or divorce are discussed in the mediation. (This may include, arrangements for divorce, the division of family assets and other financial arrangements, property and pensions and any arrangements to be made for the children of the family).

Types of Family Mediation

We generally perform family mediation with 1 mediator and both separated clients in the room. This paradigm applies for concerns relating child contact solely, financial and property only, and all issues combined.

We can mediate with 2 mediators in the room (called co-mediation), and this can help if there are really complex financial concerns, or there are matters that are highly contested, or where additional family members may need to be engaged.

Where there are concerns with both clients being in the room during mediation, we can do shuttle mediation, which necessitates clients being in separate rooms (and the mediator shuttling between the 2). (and the mediator shuttling between the 2). This naturally takes longer and might be more expensive.

We can also perform direct child consultation, when the mediator meets individually with the children, if this in deemed to be a method that will aid mediation and a future agreement. Generally everyone concerned have to consent to this, and the children have to be older than 6 years old. All our mediators are trained in this procedure.

We may mediate in family separation and divorce cases that involve the larger family (very commonly grandparents), and this is sometimes termed intergenerational mediation. It is by its nature a more complicated process, and is likely to include more than 1 mediator.

With all of the various methods of mediation, it is for the mediator and the clients to debate and determine the correct strategy at the outset of the mediation process.

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The courts, government, and legal experts favour mediation over hiring expensive attorneys in resolving problems between couples (married or not).

A low-cost method of resolving divorce and separation, it is far faster, less stressful, and significantly less expensive than the usual and worn-out legal path. It also has the advantage of allowing couples to negotiate and decide their own conclusion, rather than having a solution forced on them or their children by a court that does not ‘know’ them or their children.

Notably, it is a completely voluntary procedure that cannot begin or continue unless you both desire it and control its speed.

In a nutshell, mediation is:

  • Your personal solution
  • Completed at your leisure
  • A more positive psychological consequence for you and your children
  • Cheaper
  • Quicker
  • Less tense
  • Voluntary
  • Confidential