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Child Inclusive Mediation

Albion Mediation – Offering resolution and solutions to family disputes.

Welcome to Albion Mediation: Empowering Families through Child-Inclusive Mediation in Scotland.

At Albion Mediation, we understand that navigating through family conflicts can be challenging, especially when children are involved. Our commitment is to provide a supportive and empowering environment for families in Scotland, ensuring that the voice of every family member is heard and respected. We specialise in Child-Inclusive Mediation, a process that prioritises the well-being and perspectives of children in family disputes.

What is a Child Inclusive Mediator?

Child-Inclusive Mediation is a unique approach aimed at fostering communication and understanding within families undergoing separation or divorce. In this process, the children’s views, feelings, and concerns are central to the discussions, ensuring that their voices are heard and considered in decision-making.

At Albion Mediation, we recognise the significance of the child’s perspective in resolving family disputes. Our trained mediators facilitate constructive conversations between parents and children, creating a safe space where children can express themselves freely, without feeling pressured or conflicted.

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Scottish Mediation Laws and Regulations

In Scotland, mediation is governed by the Mediation (Scotland) Act 2016, which promotes the use of mediation as a means of resolving disputes effectively and efficiently. The Act emphasizes the importance of considering the best interests of the child in family mediation processes, highlighting the need for child-inclusive approaches where appropriate. The Scottish Government offers advice on making practical arrangements for your children if you live apart, you can find information on starting a parenting plan HERE.

Furthermore, Scottish mediation bodies such as the Scottish Legal Board play a crucial role in promoting mediation services across various sectors, including family mediation. Albion Mediation adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, ensuring that our mediation services are conducted in accordance with Scottish laws and regulations.

Mediation Scotland - Albion Mediation

Mediation in Scotland plays a pivotal role in resolving family law disputes, ensuring a fair and amicable resolution while adhering to the specific legal framework set forth by the Scottish government.

Mediation offers a safe environment for parties to discuss concerns, including child access and separation in a confidential setting. Under the guidance of organizations like the Law Society of Scotland, mediation sessions follow Scottish court procedures and terms, ensuring compliance with the rights of the child and considering the individual’s own feelings and perspectives. Mediation aims to empower individuals to voice their concerns and preferences while working towards mutually acceptable solutions. This approach emphasises the importance of resolving disputes outside the formal court process, in Scotland. Through consultation and collaboration, mediation offers a pathway to address family law matters efficiently, promoting understanding and cooperation among parties involved.