What Records Do You Required For Family Mediation?

In Family Mediation one of the common concerns people ask is my is ‘what files or documents do you need for family mediation?’.

Top Priorities & Purpose

To aid you concentrate on your goals one of the most essential point is to have a checklist, (preferably in order of importance), setting out what you want to achieve at mediation. most notably, keep your outcomes specific, sensible and possible.

Court Records & Legal Orders

It’s important to provide any type of appropriate records, especially if it aids you to discuss your position on particular matters such as finances or income.

Important documents that you have regarding your situation are also important, this could be a restraining order, parenting strategy, child assistance records, spousal assistance papers or any other court based documents you have in place.

Asset & Debts Statements

If you are seeking financial mediation with your ex-partner, we recommended bring the following information to your family members mediation session:

  • Bank account statements,
  • Financial investments (e.g. shares, insurance plan, inheritances, savings)
  • Values of substantial assets (home, businesses, cars, artworks/antiques and so on).
  • Obligations (financial obligations, home loan, credit card, etc).

All these files are crucial establishing the asset & responsibility pool which is going to be readily available for division between the parties .

Records Related To Children.

Documents can include any type of parenting arrangement you might have currently reviewed or agreed up with your ex-spouse, whether official or informal and any contracts regarding child care setups, child access or child support payments.